Insane Headlines From Mass Media (October 2022) – VigilantCitizen 10/16/22


I have a nasty habit that I am desperately trying to quit: I scroll through news headlines too many times a day. Sometimes I do it without even realizing it. And I have to stop it. Because this mindless activity often ends up souring my mood and raising my blood pressure.

That’s because, in the past years, what we call “the news” morphed into a mutant, deformed monster that’s barely recognizable. There is no more objective information, only articles telling you what to think about information. There are no more journalists, only word monkeys who were solely hired to churn out the “agenda du jour”. And the headlines they come up with are bad. And pathetic. And embarrassing.

Some are so mind-bogglingly awful that I feel they should be preserved and cherished forever. In fact, they should be shown to future generations as examples of the prevailing insanity in 21st-century mass media.

In short, I started collecting insane headlines and I’d like to share them with you. Because behind these insane words hide an even more insane agenda.

Let’s look at some insane headlines that were published by major outlets in the past weeks….

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