UK Regulator Appoints Former Google Exec as “Online Safety” Head After Online Censorship Bill is Reintroduced – ReclaimTheNet 12/1/22


A former executive will play a key role in developing new “online safety” rules in the (UK) as a new censorship and surveillance law is expected to come into force.

Gill Whitehead, who was previously a member of Google’s UK Management Group and previously led Google’s consumer and market insights function across several continents, was appointed as the Group Director of Online Safety at the UK communications regulator, Office of Communications (Ofcom), yesterday.

The appointment was announced days after the UK government reintroduced the “Online Safety Bill” — a censorship and surveillance law that will empower Ofcom to levy huge fines against Big Tech firms that fail to enforce the censorship rules in their terms of service consistently.

Whitehead will start leading Ofcom’s Online Safety Group from April 2023 as it starts preparing new rules that will “hold tech firms to account for prioritising their users’ safety.”…

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