Covid Science “Deniers” – WalterE.Block 11/8/22


Suppose experts A claim that theory A is correct, and experts B claim that theory B is correct. We the people, non-specialists, know nothing about A or B. It concerns a field we’re not familiar with. Maybe physics or math or astronomy or global temperature change or virology or some other esoteric field.

However, there is one difference between them: the A’s accuse the B’s of being “deniers” (we all know where that comes from) of spreading “misinformation.” They attempt not only to get the B’s cancelled from the media and fired from their jobs, but, also, shamefully, to put them in jail! That is exactly the result of passing laws which prohibit “denying” and spreading “misinformation.”

I would be inclined in the direction of thinking B was more correct than A. My reasoning would be that if the A’s really had better access to the truth than the B’s, they wouldn’t have to resort to such nefarious tactics. The essence of science, after all, is open inquiry. The B’s are adhering to science; the A’s are not….

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