UK Scientists Created Mutant Covid Strains in ‘High-Risk, Low-Benefit’ Lab Experiments – DailyMail 10/28/22


British scientists intentionally created hybrid Covid strains in risky experiments judged to be like ‘playing with fire’, MailOnline can reveal.

Hamsters were infected with mutant viruses, blends of the original Wuhan strain and parts of either Omicron or Delta.

Critics of the research, carried out by Imperial College London, called it ‘insanity’ and warned the lab trials could, in theory, unleash a new viral threat. Twenty scientists were involved in the project, including one who sits on the Government’s advisory panel SAGE.

But the university insists the study, part-funded by the taxpayer, followed British regulations and was entirely safe.

Our revelation comes amid ongoing furore over similar experiments in the US, where authorities have proposed a crackdown on virus manipulation research.

Earlier this month,, MailOnline’s US equivalent, revealed academics at Boston University combined different parts of the Omicron and the original Wuhan Covid strains. …

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