Is the US on a War Footing? – Karen Kwiatkowski 9/29/22


Michael Snyder summarizes the demolition of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines well, with links to support what we do know so far.  Did the US do it?  Purposeful destruction of another country’s property and logistics, conducted in international waters 300 feet below the surface of the ocean is certainly an act of war.  It is also in the sweet spot of false flag operations, needed when the real reason Washington wants a particular war is not domestically compelling or popular.  Of course, many nations have admitted false flag events.

Tom Luongo writes that much of the US and British reaction to the Russian-Ukrainian war – a war the US has been part of since long before 2014 – may be about ensuring most of Europe bends the knee to Washington, rather than becoming more economically integrated with the modernizing and resource rich East.

It’s been months since stumbling Joe made clear on the presidential podium that the US would end Nord Stream 2.  Joe’s handlers boldly insist that Germany and much of Europe buy overpriced, inefficiently shipped US product, or else face the US military destruction of a competing, lower cost, and efficient competitor.  Maybe the boldness was based on something the CIA/Pentagon told Joe long ago.  Badmouthing Nord Stream 2 has been common among the newer NATO members for several years. Victoria Nuland back in March of this year called Nord Stream 2 “a pile of metal on the seabed.” Who knew she was so prescient?

I’m sure Joe doesn’t want to think he is a capitalist, or even a corporatist. But if it is shown that the US blew three (no, four!) monster holes in two Russian pipelines to dominate a market, he absolutely qualifies as a fascist.  And a criminal, way past “10% for the Big Guy.”

Effectively demonizing Russia to the masses can be difficult in the streaming era.  It’s hard to get people to pay attention to your propaganda these days.  Even with the fabulous pan-government efforts during Covid-19, the results were not only mixed, but a portion of the populations are now permanently immune to future similar state messaging.

Joe insisted that Germany and other countries sanction Russia gas, a ploy that only raised Russia’s profits, as it did other oil and gas exporters (like the US).  In a world of diffuse political parties and diffuse sources of information, US and NATO (apologies for the repetition) saying how helpful all of this is for Germany isn’t working.  Germans themselves see and understand the reality of power; they know what the phrase “short end of a stick” means. Certainly the 2.7 million Turks, and other immigrants in the growing German underclass understand it from past experience.

Instead of strong, masterful, and liberty-loving, the US just looks guilty.

Thierry Meyssan has a good summary of our WWIII tinder, and there are some clear takeaways for Americans.  Let’s start with three things all Americans already know:  1) our government doesn’t represent our interests; 2) our government is insolvent, and 3) our government lies constantly at home and abroad.  Some, but not all, Americans are concerned that the republic is dead, the central state has no limits to its power and militarism, and that friendly fascism is already deeply entrenched.

Here are two “new” things that all Americans need to know and understand right now, given the events of this week.

First, the US government is trying to survive and it requires global monetary and military might to do that.  Let’s break it down.  “Survive” is a word we use a lot, like “Whew, I survived the briefing, … the week, … the vacation….”  But the powers that be in the USG are literally trying to ensure they not only stay out of jail, but off the rack and away from the guillotine.  For political professionals and their sponsors, the trends don’t look good.  The US is far closer to a kind of spinoff and central collapse than most people perceive.  But the Federal Reserve has done the impossible.  From a prosperous hard-working nation, it has built a house with only two doors:  Zimbabwe or Venezuela.  I’m personally going with Venezuela, but I can’t say which one the DC and bi-coastal elites are planning for – probably both.

What will the US government bring to bear in its battle to survive?  Use of force and seizure of property, control of free speech and information, to include an internet kill switch, all integrated with a digital US currency. This currency will be experimental when it is deployed, much like the various government-funded Covid vaccines.  Complaining about and refusing to participate in the digital money rollout will be just as profitable to businesses and individuals as it was during Covid with the experimental vaccines.  Another lesson we have been freely offered by our government is the aftermath of January 6, 2021.  The ability of the state to do whatever it wishes if it aids the political survival of a candidate like Biden, or a political party, has been on full display for over a year and a half.  Meanwhile, DC and Congress have expanded and armed a wide variety of federal agencies, from USDA to IRS to FBI to HHS, a trend that’s been observed and reported on for years.

Second, the US government can and must create a context in which the aforementioned and survival-driven monetary, military and communication controls will be nested.  Usually a natural or manmade crisis will work for small states, but for DC, it will take a massive war, one that will truly cause privation on the home front, and one that will capture the fearful imaginations of angry, hungry and confused people.  The type of war best suited for US domestic fascismo is one fought overseas, and only enforced domestically, much as in World Wars I and II.  If a war actually broke out or was waged on the North American continent, subunits of Americans, geographically, culturally and politically divided would accelerate and radically decentralize, choosing freedom and autonomy in many places, rapidly creating what would be known as the former United States.

What’s different now,  radically different than even twenty years ago, is technology.  The US government has the technology to manage and blackout communications and free speech, even a kind of internet kill switch.  The US government, with its corporate contracts and dependents, conducts 100% surveillance of the domestic population.  The US government has passed executive orders, like 13603, that streamlines federal controls over every person, place and thing in the country.  The US government, and the Fed, will soon be able to enforce a state digital fiat for over 95% of the population overnight.  The nukes are better now too – but if the answer is government survival and domestic control, the threat of nukes may be satisfactory.  Or not.

The act of war committed by a state actor in the Baltic Sea this week may end up being blamed on everyone, and confirmed by no one.  But rest assured, Americans, your government is at war.  You live under a federal government that is untrusted, incompetent, and completely fiscally exhausted and indebted – and this government is on a war footing.  You are either with them, or you are against them.

Some commentators look at China’s drastic COVID lockdowns, which continue is various forms and places to this day, as a way China’s government is preparing for future privations, and possible war.  Russia certainly planned defensive and offensive options, for decades, as it watched NATO expand eastward, and the US sponsor proxy wars continue apace long after the Cold War ended.  Do we really think that our so-called “democratic” government in the US is not part of this tragic game?  A trillion dollar military and intelligence budget, most of it publicly lied about and some of it completely off the books, says different.