Ultraprocessed Food: The Worst Choice for Planet and Health – Dr.JosephMercola 9/10/22

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According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its allied Great Reset minions, a traditional whole food diet is not only “unsustainable” but “environmentally destructive.”

A recent “food analysis” in The Guardian1 took aim specifically at organic pasture-fed beef and lamb, lambasting such farming practices for their extravagant land use while underperforming in terms of yield:

“Arable crops, some of which are fed to farm animals, occupy 12% of the planet’s land surface. But far more land (about 26%) is used for grazing: in other words, for pasture-fed meat and milk. Yet across this vast area, farm animals that are entirely pasture-fed produce just 1% of the world’s protein.”

Animal foods in general, and organically produced ones in particular, The Great Resetters claim, must be replaced with produce genetically engineered for high yield and pest resistance, and protein alternatives made from insects, plants and synthetic biology. Overall, life on earth cannot be sustained, they say, unless we transition to what amounts to an ultraprocessed and highly unnatural diet.

A paper2 published in the September 25, 2022, issue of the Journal of Cleaner Production throws The Great Reset’s talking points in the proverbial trash, but before we get into that, let’s review some background material.

Global Cabal’s Goal: Wipe Out Good Food

In recent months, I’ve dedicated many articles to exposing the intentional destruction of our food system. The decision of the Dutch government to impose nitrogen pollution restrictions on farmers is only one recent example of this. This “green” policy will cut livestock production in the country by 30% in the next year, put farmers out of business and force them to sell their land.

Since The Netherlands is the largest meat exporter in the European Union,3 this plan will inevitably result in meat shortages around the world. Canada is now also implementing identical restrictions as part of its climate plan.4

Not to worry, though, because The Great Reset leaders around the world have a plan to build a new food system based on “micro livestock” like crickets, mealworms and cockroaches, along with cultured meat5 grown in petri dishes, and plant-based meat alternatives such as Beyond Meat, the primary ingredients6 of which are pea protein, canola oil and rice protein.

The Plan for a Planetary Health-Destroying Diet

The EAT Forum, cofounded by the Wellcome Trust and the Stockholm Resilience Centre in 2014,7 has developed what they call “The Planetary Health Diet,”8 intended to be applied worldwide. It entails cutting meat and dairy intake by up to 90%, and replacing it with foods made in laboratories, along with cereals and oils, most of which are now genetically engineered (GE).

Their largest initiative is called FReSH, which aims to transform the food system by working with biotech and fake meat companies to replace whole foods with lab-created alternatives — all in the name of climate change prevention and “sustainability.”

Once tech giants have control of meat, dairy, cereals and oils, they will be the ones profiting from and controlling the food supply. Needless to say, the private companies that control the food supply will also end up controlling countries and entire populations. At the end of the day, that’s what this hoopla about “sustainable food systems” is all about.

Junk Food on Steroids

However, anyone who knows anything about nutrition can see that everything about this proposed new food system is a disaster in the making. For starters, synthetic biology — meat and dairy alternatives — is junk food on steroids.

They’re all highly processed, and ultraprocessed foods are associated with increased calorie intake, weight gain and chronic disease,9 including cognitive decline,10 while simultaneously promoting malnutrition….

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