Who Discovered the CRISPR Gene Editing Tool and What Is It? – TheExpose 8/20/22

Source: expose-news.com

In this two-part series, we investigate who developed the CRISPR/Cas system as a tool to edit the human genome and the World Economic Forum’s and Bill Gates’ interests in it.  When exploring the topic of CRISPR, of course, the harms caused by such technology and what it means for the entire human race, and everything on the planet, cannot be avoided.

In the first part, we take a look at who “invented” the system – it may not be who corporate media have led us to believe – and some basics about CRISPR/Cas and how it works.

In the second part, we use sources from or linked with the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates to demonstrate how they intend to use this tool to edit our DNA….

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