Turkey is the Next Country to push Biometric Payments – ReclaimTheNet 8/9/22

Source: ReclaimTheNet.org

As part of the big push to merge data and payments, biometric payment cards developed by Idex Biometrics in collaboration with E-Kart are to roll out in Turkey and other countries in Eastern Europe. Idex is also supplying biometric technology to a Web3 biometric card issued by Reltime.

The biometric payment cards are expected to begin rolling out in Turkey in the first quarter of 2023.

“A recently published market survey commissioned by Idex Customer Lab, reveals 86 percent of consumers in Turkey consider biometric payment cards very convenient, and 82 percent would use a biometric payment card if it were available to them,” says Catharina Eklof, CCO at Idex Biometrics.

“As we expand the reach of our proprietary and innovative technology, we contribute to enhancing digital banking experiences and securing digital authentication across a variety of payment and digital authentication use cases.”

This is not the first case of biometric payment cards. These cards have already rolled out in Switzerland and France and are being piloted in other European countries and Middle Eastern Countries, including Lebanon and Jordan….

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