mRNA Platform Inventor Sifts Through the Lies – Dr.JosephMercola 7/25/22


By now, many of you will be familiar with Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the core mRNA and DNA vaccine platform technology1 that the various COVID shots are based upon. (To be clear, he’s not the inventor of the COVID shots themselves but rather the foundational platform that underlies them, for which Malone holds several patents.)

Malone rose to prominence after his appearance on the DarkHorse podcast2 in June 2021, where he, Steve Kirsch and DarkHorse host Bret Weinstein, Ph.D., spent three hours dissecting the COVID fraud. Interestingly, Malone and Kirsch were both double-jabbed before realizing there were problems with the shots, but once they did, they boldly stepped into the limelight to warn and inform others.

Malone also appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast3 December 30, 2021, which ended up being the most-viewed podcast of all time with some 50 million views. The transcript of that interview was even entered into the Congressional Record4 January 3, 2022, by Congressman Troy Nehls, R-Texas, after Twitter and YouTube removed it from their platforms.

Malone also helped promote the work of Dr. Matthias Desmet, a clinical psychologist at the University of Gantt in Belgium and author of “The Psychology of Totalitarianism.” Desmet was the first to introduce the concept of “mass formation” to explain how and why people were going along with a narrative that was clearly false and evidently destructive.

Like so many others who have tried to share truth and opinions that differ from the official COVID narrative, myself included, Malone has been viciously attacked by media and relentlessly “fact checked.” Alas, with the passage of time, his wisdom and knowledge are now being validated on a near-daily basis.

“I would say we’ve been gaslighted, ridiculed, defamed — but I don’t think we’ve been discredited,” he says. “I think we could both hold our heads up high. We’ve called it amazingly well.

I’m just in the middle of reviewing and building the chapters for the book that has to do with what’s gone wrong with the HHS [Health and Human Services] and what we need to fix, which includes a litany of things that have been miscalled by the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention].

The list is enormous. And we continue to see on a daily basis the weaponization of fear porn, the two most recent examples being the monkeypox and the Omicron BA.4 [and] BA.5.”

Immune Imprinting Is Making the Vaxxed Sicker

As noted by Malone, media are again trying to drum up fear porn, despite data clearly showing hospitalization rates remain steady even though the infection rate is rising. They’re also ignoring what Malone and others warned about from the start, which is that vaccinating during a pandemic is a beyond foolish strategy as it is virtually guaranteed to drive the evolution of resistant strains.

This is precisely what we’re now seeing with BA.4 and BA.5, which circumvent both natural immunity and COVID jab-induced antibodies. The CDC and the Food and Drug Administration are also ignoring the reality of immune imprinting, which Malone says is backed by more than 10 high-end, highly visible peer reviewed journals.

“We’re literally driving the highly vaccinated to an immune compromised state in which they’re more susceptible to infection by Omicron — as a consequence of their prior vaccination — and they are becoming chronically or multiply infected,” Malone says.

“This is precisely the situation that’s been shown in peer reviewed literature to be driving the development of the further development of the escape mutants. So, our public policies are completely contrary to the need here. I’m speechless concerning the mismatch between what our government promotes and what the true public health need is.”

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