The Lockdowns Unearthed American Cultural Rot – Mark Oshinskie 7/17/22


The Great Santini is a compelling cinematic character sketch of Bull Meechum, a fictional American fighter jet pilot during peacetime: a warrior without a war and therefore a misfit in polite society. At the movie’s end, Bull is killed when his jet catches fire during a practice flight. Before his aircraft crashes, Bull skillfully, heroically maneuvers the plane away from peoples’ homes, saving lives.

At the conclusion of Bull’s graveside memorial service, his fellow fighter pilot, Col. Virgil Hedgepath, concisely eulogizes his larger-than-life colleague by saying, “I’ll like the world less without Bull. It’ll be a duller, more colorless place.”

After seeing how so many people have overreacted during the pandemic, I’ll also like the world less: Canada, Australia, New Zealand and much of Europe, but especially the US, because I’ve seen American Coronamania up close. I say this sincerely and literally, without intending any of Col. Hedgepath’s tribute.

  • Many Americans have shown that they’re gullible group-thinkers who lack critical thinking skills.

It was obviously scientifically unsound to begin, even for “for two weeks,” locking down hundreds of millions of healthy people—for the first time in history—in response to a respiratory virus, to mask an entire population, to test, on a mass scale, healthy people—with a method that delivered 90% false positives—and to require young, healthy people to take unnecessary, often damaging shots, when the virus threatened only a small, clearly identifiable, older, unhealthier slice of the population.

The media’s fearmongering and the internal inconsistencies, arbitrariness and cynical opportunism of the government’s lockdowns, masks, testing and “vaccine” edicts couldn’t have been more obvious. Some, like me, said so. But a majority embraced and aggressively promoted this lunacy.

  • Many Americans are mentally ill.

Many Americans are detached from reality. It was clear in March, 2020 that over 99.7% of Americans under 65 were at no risk of Coronavirus-driven death. Yet, many irrationally supported closing down society, hid behind leaky masks, obsessively washed their hands well after the surface spread myth had been debunked, ordered groceries, elatedly posted Facebook photos of cards showing that they took unneeded, experimental injections, and hectored everyone else to inject. A previously veiled epidemic of American mental illness has been laid bare. Residual mask-wearing likely correlates with, and reveals, the 20% of Americans who’ve been swallowing tons of antidepressants and/or anti-anxiety meds for the past several decades.

Per Psychologist Mattias Desmet, mass psychosis swept the US, Canada and Europe because many people lacked a life purpose and close social connections. Coronamania gave them a cause in which to believe and an anti-virus tribe to which to belong.

Americans didn’t consider that restructuring daily life and the economy to placate the mentally ill is not ultimately doing that cohort, or the society at large, a favor. We can feel sorry for the mentally ill, but sane adults should govern.

  • Americans have no tolerance for rational discourse.

I could find no one who would engage in a sustained discussion in which they would justify their pro-lockdown, pro-mask, pro-injection position by answering basic questions while citing basic facts. This absence of inquiry and the brainwashed intolerance for dialogue enabled and sustained Coronamania.

This should be the new American lawn sign: “Debate Has No Home Here.”

  • Most Americans can’t withstand peer pressure.

Many who perceived Coronamania’s disconnection from reality withheld their opinion because they were afraid of being disliked. The desire for social approval shapes liberal behavior. The Emperors—Fauci, Birx and their croniesclearly Wore No Clothes but zero liberals were willing to say so; it was the worst instance of groupthink in history. The “progressive” mob cheered smug fools like Colbert and Kimmel—who haughtily promoted the harmful shots—because they were afraid that their peers might cast a side-eye at them if they had the temerity to question the pop culture narrative. Many Americans are sheep with a mean streak.

Coronamania has shown, once again, that the minority is often right. Most Americans supported the lockdowns, masks, tests and vaxxes. None of these measures has helped. Each has caused much harm. …

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