Protesting Dutch Farmers Refuse to Back Down Despite Police Crackdown – LegalInsurrection 7/10/22


Protests by Dutch farmers against ‘climate change’ emissions cuts continued over the weekend despite the police crackdown. They are protesting against the new government policy that will force farm-owners to drastically reduce emissions in compliance with the European Union regulations.

As farmers’ protests hit cities cross Holland, police made several arrests and, in one instance, opened fire at a tractor convoy.

The defiant Dutch farmers protested by building Canada-style Freedom Convoys on the highways. They blocked supermarket warehouses, leaving shelves stand empty across the country. The empty supermarket shelves were a reminder of what would happen if the globalist climate policies force Dutch farmers out of business.

The farmers in the Netherlands, Europe’s biggest exporters of meat, are fighting for their survival. Under the new emission restrictions passed by the country’s parliament, they will to be forced to reduce their livestock by 30 percent to meet EU guidelines meant to protect the ‘climate’ and ‘biodiversity.’…

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