BBC ‘Changed Rape Victim’s Quotes to Avoid Misgendering her Trans Attacker’ – DailyMail 5/31/22


The BBC was today accused of taking an ‘unethical and disrespectful’ decision to change a rape victim’s quotes in her account of the ordeal – to avoid misgendering her trans attacker.

Corporation bosses replaced every reference the victim made to her male-born abuser as ‘he’ or ‘him’ to ‘they’ or ‘them’, as part of efforts to boost inclusive language.

It was claimed by some staff the decision was made following the input of members of its 14-strong central diversity team, which has had influence over the BBC’s style guide, which dictates that stories adopt an individual’s preferred pronouns, the Times reports.

However, it has been widely criticised by campaigners and senior journalists, who reportedly said editing in this way conflicted with the corporation’s responsibility in terms of accuracy and impartiality….

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