Government-Backed Hackers Behind Doxxing Libs of Tik Tok – ForbiddenKnowledgeTV 4/21/22


Last Monday, Taylor Lorenz, a Washington Post columnist doxxed the woman behind the hilarious LibsOfTikTok Twitter account, posting her name and work address and sending her into hiding, after leftist goons issued death threats.

LibsOfTikTok posts insanely awful public domain videos uploaded to Tok Tok by obese, green-haired trans kindergarten teachers, who talk about how they evangelize their toddler students into the cult of transgenderism.

Lorenz’ doxxing of LibsOfTikTok happened just two weeks after she did a TV interview in which she cried about online harassment and doxxing. Yet, this is precisely Lorenz’ own business model in her own “work”. Lorenz actually hunted down and knocked on the doors of several relatives of LibsOfTikTok, one of whom photographed her through a grate on the front door.

Due to the backlash from this story, Lorenz is incredibly, yet again calling herself the victim!

On Tuesday, journalist, Lee Smith explained that Taylor Lorenz and influencers like her are the public face of the intelligence apparatus, a statement that really sheds a whole new light on cancel culture.

Lee might not have known quite how true his words were. On Wednesday, the bigger story was revealed in an investigative report on Revolver.News.

This incident is a case study in how the ruling regime uses cutout ‘NGOs’ and ‘hackers’ to target dissidents for annihilation.

The original doxer was an Antifa Twitter user named @karmaonesixone. Another Twitter user (and former Twitter employee), Travis Brown promoted and confirmed @karmaonesixone’s work and then dug up and revealed even more information about LibsOfTikTok.

The Revolver.News investigation revealed that Brown is the creator of the so-called “Hate Speech Tracker,” a program created to aid Antifa extremists in tracking and archiving statements by its enemies, to aid in doxxing.

Brown’s doxxing operation is financed by the Prototype Fund, a project of the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany, which calls itself an “independent not-for-profit organization” and is partially financed by such Deep State narrative controllers as Pierre Omidyar and The Wellcome Trust, as well as directly from the the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research – which means that it is hardly “independent”, as claimed.

In short, the German government directly financed Taylor Lorenz’ and The Washington Post‘s campaign to dox and to destroy the life of LibsOfTikTok….

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